Tuesday, August 6, 2013

[FOSTER TAILS] Introducing Cocoa!

Hi, I'm Cocoa! I just moved to a new home and boy do I like it here! When I got here my tummy wasn't feeling well at all.  I had to go to the place where they stick you with sharp things!  Ouch!  It hurt but I was such a good girl and didn't mind because my foster mommy promised they would help me feel better. 

I look pretty silly wearing these diapers since I'm not a puppy anymore, but my foster mom and foster dad said that hopefully I wont have to wear them for a long time because I'm already starting to feel a little better!

I really love to eat my new food!  In fact, I love it so much I don't even noticed that my medicine is mixed in!

I don't mind getting baths as long as I have a towel or the sun to warm me up.  I don't like to be cold!

I live with my foster mommy and foster daddy, 2 other dogs that are close to my size, and an annoying thing that meows at me whenever he sees me! I don't pay any attention to the animals though, even when they wont stop sniffing me.  

I just want to be loved on by my foster mommy and foster daddy.  I even got to play with some little kids for a few minutes!  I wish they didn't ever have to stop petting me.  I even try and move closer to my foster daddy when he tries to get up because well.. I don't want him to go!

I guess I better get some rest - my foster mommy says I get to spend the whole day playing with the other dogs tomorrow!  I can't wait!

~ Woofs and Wiggles ~

PS.  I'll be ready for adoption soon, so keep an eye on our Available Dogs page for me!  
And take be sure to look at the other dogs that are available for adoption right now at SNORTRescue.org!

Friday, August 2, 2013

[FOSTER TAILS] Meet Our Sweet-O, Frito!

Hey erryboddy!  My name is Frito. I'm a handsome middle-aged gentleman, with a very sweet disposition.  I loooove my people and never get tired of belly rubs!  I totally love to roll in the grass too!

I should tell you that I am a pretty special guy in more ways than just my charming personality.  I have a little trouble with my back, which makes me a bit wobbly when I walk, but I still get around ok for now.  I may need to get myself some wheels in the future though!  My back problem makes it kind of hard for me to feel when I have to go potty, so I do need to wear a belly band around the house or I might dribble.  (How embarrassing!)

I get along ok with some dogs, but kitties are definitely NOT my cup of tea.  They make me cranky!

The last few years weren't so great for me, but I'm in great hands now!  I am really happy here in my foster home, but what I'd love more than anything is to find a forever family who needs a sweet-o Frito like me!

Are you the one who is looking for me???
Snorts & Kisses,

PS.  I'll be available soon, so keep an eye on our Available Dogs page for me!  
And take a look at the other dogs that are available for adoption right now at SNORTRescue.org!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

[FOSTER TAILS] Say Hi to Mizz Izzy!

Hi everyone! My name is Izzy. I wanted to take a moment to explain my story since I've heard I might be "difficult to place". But I think I deserve a loving forever home just as much as any SNORTer!

I don't want to brag, but I'm pretty much what anyone would want in a pug. Perfect smushy face? Check. Expert couch potato? Check. Loves to play? Check. Healthy appetite? Check. Housetrained and obedience trained? Check. I'm also an ace at being cute, begging for belly rubs, and have the famed double-curled tail.

Who wouldn't want me, right? But the thing is, I do have one eensy weensy issue. I can get frightened, anxious, and overwhelmed and when that happens, well... as my foster mom says, I kind of Hulk out. I don't mean to, honest! I just don't know what comes over me and I can be a little scary.

I would like to be perfect for you in every way though, so if you're willing to show me I can trust you, and keep up with my training, I know we can get through this together! So won't you please consider offering me a forever home? I'm well-behaved when left alone, I get along with other animals as long as they don't bother me, but please don't have any kids in the house. My foster home is nice, but their pug picks on me sometimes and that makes me anxious, plus their cat likes to tease me which I hate. He can be kind of a jerk, but when he's feeling chill, I like hanging out with him. I just want someplace quiet but fun where I can shower you with love and affection!

Ta-Ta for now!
~ Izzy ~

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[FOSTER TAILS] Introducing Olive!

Hey everyone!  My name is Olive and I am a 5 year old French Bulldog.  I used to live in a place called New York, but now I'm living the good life with my foster mom in Pennsylvania.  In my old home, I was the only dog, but now I've got 4 foster brothers and sisters and I get along great with all of them!  I love playing with my people too.  In fact, my foster mom says I loooooove my people.  I don't want to be in the next room - I want to be WITH my people!!!  Even though I love to be with my people, I'm ok to be left alone for several hours too.

I have some allergies, so I have a certain spa routine that I follow so that my skin doesn't get itchy.  I get baths and skin soothing oatmeal stuff.. and my foster mom gives me a belly rub with coconut oil every night... It feels so nice!  I need to have all my bedding and towels washed in dye-free, fragrance-free detergent, because regular detergent makes me itchy.... but if I do get itchy, a little benedryl really helps.   Oh, and I only eat the good stuff - it's gotta be grain-free for me!

My foster mom says I have very good manners.  I walk very nicely on a leash and like to do my business on my walks.  I don't like to do potty in the yard - yuck!  I take treats very gently.  I don't jump on the furniture.  I don't beg for food.  I am really good with visitors and strangers.  And I only bark when someone is at the door!

I'll be looking for my perfect home pretty soon, so be on the lookout for me on SNORT's adoptable dogs page!

Love & Kisses

Monday, June 3, 2013

[FOSTER TAILS] The Dynamic Duo!

Hi! Hi! Hello!!!  We are the dynamic duo of Skittles and Scrappy.  We are cute, aren't we?  And wait till you read more about us...we get even cuter!

Skittles here:  I'm the girl and don't you forget it!  My brother is a little pip-squeak and drives me crazy, but I love him to pieces.  He's also a little smaller than me... foster mom says I've just got little bit bigger bones.  Wait...bones???  Who said bones??  Where's my bone?

So, a little about me since this is the Skittles and Scrappy show, right?

I'm a little brindle Boston Terrier girl.  I'm lucky if I weigh in at 13lbs.  My nose is a little longer than my brother's, but I'm the better behaved one.. or so I think anyway.  Foster mom says I need to gain a few pounds, that we are both a little skinny... and I'm good with the food she gives us.  Oh... and the treats!  They are delicious!!!

Scrappy here:  YO!!!  Yeah, I'm Scrappy, and I'm smaller than my sister, but that's okay.  I can still kick her butt in a game of keep-away in the yard.  Oh... the yard is sooo awesome!  I love sniffing around and chasing the butterflies.  And my foster mom encourages me to run around and chase them which is awesome.

I'm lucky if I weigh 10lbs.  And foster ma says I've got the cutest little apple head.  I give her kisses when she tells me this.

We've only been a part of SNORT for 1 day and it's cool so far.  Fmom says we have to see the vet, and honestly, that sounds like fun too!  Maybe this vet thing has treats?  Then she says we have to get "Spaghetti" and "Noodled" and we have no idea what that is but it sounds like more treats!

We will be available soon.  After the vet gives us our Spaghetti and Noodles, so keep an eye out for us!  Foster Ma says we need to stay together since we were born together at the same time and the same mom and dad.  She says that makes us bonded.  More treats!!   So, we will need to be adopted together, which is fine, since together we don't weigh as much as our Boston Foster Brother!  He's a big boy!  We met him earlier in the day and he was cool.  And we liked him!  We didn't even bark, just wanted to play and of course GET MORE TREATS!!!!

xoxo ~ Skittles & Scrappy


Allison Belfonti Adoption Coordinator SNORT Rescue 610-217-5470

Friday, May 24, 2013

[FOSTER TAILS] Yoohoo! It's Rickey-Roo!

Hi everyone!  I'm Rickey-Roo-Roo.  What a silly name, but hey, it's all about me, okay?

Since I was a puppy, I lived the spoiled life.  Then one day, my owner passed away and I was taken to the shelter.  I'm 10 years old and do you know that people don't want to adopt an old beauty like me?  Anyway, the shelter....Boy oh boy, what a place that was.  I didn't like it much because I didn't have a lap to snuggle on.  Then one day this really nice lady came and took me home!  And all of a sudden, there was a lap to snuggle on again!  Can you believe it????

Snuggling...that's my favorite thing.  Well no...not my favorite thing, but we will get into that later.  Anyway, back to snuggling. I love to lay on my foster mom or dad's lap and get my neck scratched, then my ears, then my back, then my belly, then my...well, you get the idea.  I LOVE skritches!  And in return, I give them lots of kisses and loving gazes.  And if they stop, I let them know they aren't done yet....

So, my favorite thing is food.  Oh, how I love it!  And not that dog food stuff, but people food!  I will "marf" at my foster mom when she is cooking.  It's my way of telling her "hey, I'm down here...are you going to share that with me???".  Foster moms can be a little mean sometimes.  She tells me NO and if I'm good and wait, then she gives me a treat.  She makes good treats!

I am a little diva.  I like things my way, and if you aren't doing it right, I let you know.  Read again about the skritches and the food....okay?  And did I mention that  I like to eat a lot? There's a reason for that which I don't understand, so foster mom is going to have to explain.

Bye for now!
~ Ricky-Roo

Foster mom:  Rickey-Roo was diagnosed with Cushings Disease shortly after coming into SNORT.  She was showing classic symptoms of a little pot belly, and eating and drinking a lot of water. Rickey-Roo has been on meds and is going for a recheck of her cortizone levels today.  This is a 2-3 hour test, and after that, we will adjust her medication. 

However, Cushings has not slowed this old lady diva down at all!  She is very active and likes to play. She will need to be on medication for the rest of her life.  Once a day she gets a pill and since she is so food motivated, a small piece of cheese with the pill and it's gone.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Hi SNORTers!  My name is Mae and I'm a 6 month old Boston Terrier.  :)

I'm living the good life with my foster family in Pennsylvania, but I the place I came from wasn't so nice.  I was itchy, thirsty and hungry when I got here, but thanks to my foster family I'm a gorgeous, happy girl now!

I'm just a puppy, so I have loads of energy.  I play hard and sleep hard, but I also work hard!  My foster mom has already taught me how to come, sit, lay down and go potty outside.  I know how to ring bells to go outside, but I'm still trying to teach my foster mom that she's supposed to give me a cookie every time I go out, not just when I go potty!  Ringing that bell is hard work, dontcha know???


I may be a typical wild and crazy puppy, but I'm also very sweet and innocent.  I love to snuggle and lick my foster mom's nose.  She says it tickles!

I have a boyfriend in my foster home named Stan.  Stan's usually in charge of all the toys when it comes to the other dogs, but I have a way with him... He looooves me! One of my favorite games to play is "steal the bone from Stan's mouth".  Even though there are lots of other bones around, the one he has is always the best!  ;)

This is my first spring.  I am really enjoying the warm weather and romping in the yard with my boyfriend Stan and my other foster siblings Ollie, and Lia.  Everything looks so much different without all that white stuff on it! 

My foster mom says I'm going to be looking for my forever home very soon, so keep an eye out for me on the "available dogs" page!  And in the meantime, check out some of my fellow SNORTers who are looking for a home too!

Love You Lots!
 ~ Mae